Sahnemixx - Udo Jürgens

The most beautiful songs by Udo Jürgens

Udo Jürgens … as a singer, pianist and entertainer he is one of the few superstars who really deserve this title. The tribute orchestra SahneMixx is dedicated to him and his incomparable musical work. Front man Hubby Scherhag imitates the great entertainer so perfectly that the audience feels transported to a real Udo concert, and not „only“ with their eyes closed. From the grandiose music, the great voices, the orchestra sound over the white grand piano, the red jacket lining and the typical Udo gestures to the legendary “bathrobe finale”, even the smallest detail is right here. The musical qualities of SahneMixx also convinced the role model Udo Jürgens personally, who once expressed his joy with SahneMixx.

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9500,- €
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9500,- €
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bis 180 min
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200 km
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